Divisions, Rules & Score Sheets


Competition Rules & Regulations

Always make sure that you thoroughly read through the UDA rules and regulations before you prepare to attend a competition. The rules and regulations contain detailed information on divisions, categories, illegal movements, time limits, costuming, etc. The rules and regulations also provide you with samples of the scoresheets that the judges will use. Please note that any new or updated rules will be in bold print. 

For each competition that you attend, you will need to bring a signed copy of the rules and regulations with you to turn in at check-in. 

Regional Competition Rules

National Championship Rules

  • 2019 NDTC Rules - Coming Soon!
  • 2019 College Dance Team Championship Rules - Coming Soon!
  • 2019 Game Day Championship Rules
  • 2019 UDA College Game Day Guidelines - Coming Soon!

Score Sheets

Review the UDA Score Sheet Best Practices with the Video Tutorials.