UDA has all the articles and  forms you need to run a successful tryout this year.  Whether its a dance team application, teacher evaluation, score sheet, etc., you can find it all right here!

Running Your Tryouts

The Tryout Process

  • Selection by Qualified Judges
  • Selection by Student Body Vote
  • Selection by the Dance Team Coach/Advisor
  • Combination
  • Open Squad

Planning and Promotion

  • Date, Time, and Location
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Supplies

Selecting Judges

  • General
  • Fees
  • Professional Judges
  • Area Dance Coaches
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Scorekeepers

Pre-Tryout Meeting

  • Potential Time Involved
  • Approximate Monetary Costs/Fundraising Efforts
  • Constitution/Code of Conduct
  • General Program Goals
  • Application Packet
  • Constitutions and Behavioral Contracts

Tryout Process Options

  • Typical Dance Team Tryouts
  • Other Options
  • Format Options
  • Open vs. Closed Tryouts
  • Announcing the Team

Pre-Tryout Clinic

  • Helpers
  • Schedule
  • Assigning Numbers/Grouping Candidates
  • Mock Tryouts
  • Try This One Out - Coach Selects Team

Camp Selection

Selecting Your Camp

  • Alternatives

Developing a Constitution