About UDA

Universal Dance Association was founded in 1980 as Universal Dance Camps. It was started as a need for educational training for what were then called “drill teams.” UDA actually started calling them “dance teams” to better promote the activity. Jeff Webb and Kris Shepherd started UDA to provide high quality educational training for college and high school dancers through summer camps and clinics on college campuses. From the beginning, UDA focused on the highest standards-the finest instructors, the best choreographers and the most exciting and innovative routines anywhere! 

Summer camps were established nationwide featuring private coaching that allowed every team a one-on-one relationship with the UDA Staff. While the emphasis on team growth and improvement is always a constant at UDA camps, the staff also seek to make the camp fun and productive! Teams are taught routines, proper technique, conditioning and much more. Only at UDA do you get the complete package! 

UDA’s goal is to inspire leadership among today’s dance teams. All of UDA’s material and programs are centrally focused on the traditional role of dance teams. UDA believes that the primary purpose of a dancer is to support athletic programs and to provide entertainment to the crowd before and during games. Dancers play an instrumental role in raising, leading and maintaining school spirit in and around their communities. In short, they are leaders in building general morale at their schools!

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