UDA Camp Types

In addition to our popular overnight camps, UDA also offers a variety of other camp types to fit your teams needs!

Technique Camps
These camps are held on a college campus just like regular overnight camps.  The curriculum at our technique overnight camps is going to be slightly altered so that your dancers can attend more technique classes as a team and as individuals.  At these camps, your dancers will still learn great UDA choreography, but they will only learn and be evaluated on 2 routines instead of 3.  Your team will still participate in teambuilding activities and crazy day! An adult chaperone (21 years of age or older) must attend with overnight campers. 

Convention Camps
Imagine dance camps held at Resort locations where dancers and coaches get the luxury of hotel rooms, catered food, great UDA PROGRAM ..AND... MASTER CLASSES!  At UDA convention camps, you get to experience 4 master classes with some of the most famous guest teachers in the dance world today!  Interested in attending a convention camp?  Contact your state director to find a convention camp near you! An adult chaperone (21 years of age or older) must attend with overnight campers.

Elite Camps
The ultimate camp experience for competitive teams that have mastered level 3 and 4 routines at previous UDA camps and have consistently received blue ribbons during evaluations. In addition to the collegiate level material, a master class is taught by a select guest artist from the professional dance/choreography industry. An adult chaperone (21 years of age or older) must attend with overnight campers. 

Resort Camps 


Make a UDA resort camp your vacation destination this summer!  Get the same great UDA program and our incredible staff, all at exotic locations with exquisite accommodations. An adult chaperone (21 years of age or older) must attend with overnight campers.

Custom Camps (formerly named Dance Drill Camps)
UDA custom camps are very similar to traditional overnight camps.  Teams will have technique classes, teambuilding, crazy night and much more.  The major difference in these camps are that teams will have the option of learning a custom routine.  For this, teams would choose the style of routine they would like and provide UDA with the music.  This can be anything from a field routine to a basketball halftime.  If teams choose not to do a custom routine they can learn the team routine instead and receive one on one time with a UDA instructor to customize and make their own. 

Home Camps - formerly named private camps
Let UDA come to you for a two- or three-day home camp!  Your team will get the same great UDA personalized instruction right at your own school, without the expense or hassle of travel.  UDA is offering 3 types of home camps: Traditional, Elite, and Technique.

Traditional Home Camps- It's the same great UDA camp with the same great staff.  What's the difference?  We come to you!
Elite Home Camps- Offers everything that a traditional home camp offers, but with more challenging material.
Technique Home Camps- The focus is on masking specific technical skills. Your team will have the opportunity to clean and polish the routines that are learned.

Choreography Camps
Do you need that perfect custom routine to perform at a local event?  Then UDA choreography camps are for you!  Let a UDA choreographer come to you for two or three days to give you that perfect routine. For more information and pricing on choreography camps, email Sonya Weathers.

 Camps - formerly named commuter camps
Get the full camp experience with the convenience of being close to home when you attend a UDA day camp.  Like our other types of camps, day camps are conducted by talented UDA instructors for two or more teams.

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