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Competition Rules & Regulations

Always make sure that you thoroughly read through the UDA rules and regulations before you prepare to attend a competition. The rules and regulations contain detailed information on divisions, categories, illegal movements, time limits, costuming, etc... The rules and regulations also provide you with samples of the scoresheets that the judges will use. Please note that any new or updated rules will be in bold print.

There is also a new glossary of terms that should help provide clarity on some of the dance terms that are used in the rules & regulations.

For each competition that you attend, you will need to bring a signed copy of the rules and regulations with you to turn in at check-in. 

Click on each link below for the rules and regulations documents for REGIONAL/INVITATIONAL COMPETITIONS.

Medical Release Form

2013-2014 School Team Rules & Regulations

2013-2014 Soloist Rules & Regulations

2013-2014 All Star Team Rules & Regulations (via USASF)

2013-2014 College Team Rules & Regulations

**For High School Nationals (NDTC) rules, click here.

**For College Nationals Rules, click here.

 Glossary of Terms
This document provides definitions/clarity of dance terms used in the rules & regulations.

Competition Divisions & Categories

School Divisions & Categories

All Star Divisions & Categories


Scoresheet Information



Hip Hop

High Kick

Prep & Tiny




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