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Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding UDA Summer Camp.  If you have a question that is not addressed below, give us a call at 1-800-DANCEUDA.

Q- When will the Summer camp dates be available for next Summer?

A- Camp Dates are available in early January.

Q- How do I register my team for UDA Summer Camp?


A- Registering your team for UDA Summer Camp is easy.  To find an overnight camp, you can use our online camp search.  It will pull up all of the locations and dates of overnight camps in your area.  You can also call your UDA State Director, and she can register your team for camp.  And you can always give the national office a call at 1-800-DANCEUDA.

Q-When is the deadline to register for camp?

A-We will take registrations as long as we have room available at the camps. However, there are some guidelines for Resort camps that are different. We suggest that teams register as soon as possible as we have many camps that fill up quickly!

Q- What is an overnight camp?  And do you offer other types of camps? 

A-  An overnight camp is a camp where your team travels to a university and participates in our camp program with other teams.  The cost of an overnight camp includes instruction, most meals, and lodging.  We definitely offer other types of camps if your team does not want to stay on a college campus. 
Click Here for a description of all of our different types of camps.

Q- My team is attending an overnight camp for instruction only. I see that you have a 3-night sample schedule for overnight camps and also schedules for day camps.  Which one do I follow?

A-  If your team is attending an overnight camp but plans to only stay during the day for instruction, you will follow the overnight sample schedule.  Day camps are camps that are usually held at a high school or community location, and everyone attending that camp returns home at night.  At overnight camps UDA provides the option of staying overnight or commuting each day for instruction only. 

Q- I originally registered 20 participants for camp, and now only 13 of them can attend.  What should I do?

A- Contact your
UDA State Director or the UDA National Office IMMEDIATELY!  Always keep UDA informed of any number changes you have.  We can then email or fax you an updated invoice reflecting your changes.

Q- Can I pay online?  Or can I pay over the phone with a credit card?

A- Definitely! You can pay online by visiting our registration tracker, logging in to your account, and clicking the pay here button.  Or Just call 1-800-DANCEUDA to pay.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Q- Can I pay my balance due when I arrive on the first day of camp?

A- UDA highly suggests not turning in your payment at camp.  Our camp management travels from camp to camp all during the summer.  The BEST thing to do is to send all payments to our national office PRIOR to the start of camp, and to take a copy of payment with you to camp.  
Click Here for the address.

Q- Do you accept Purchase Orders (PO's)?

A- UDA does accept purchase orders from schools.  However, we must have a hard copy (fax is ok) of the purchase order with the appropriate signuatures (i.e. principal/athletic director) in order for it to be valid.   Please note that you will continue to receive emails, phone calls, and letters until the Purchase Order has been paid. 

Q- I just recieved an invoice showing a cancellation fee.  What is this for?

A- If you have a team member that decides not to attend camp their $50 deposit will be held as a cancellation fee.  This is not an extra $50 charge on top of your payment.  If your cancellation fee is larger, refer to the payment policy page by logging into the the online registration tracker. 

Q- I have a credit on my account.  How do I get that money back?

A- You must request your refund in writing. 
Click Here for our Payment & refund policies.

Q- Can my team attend camp without an advisor?

A- It depends on which camp you are attending.  Some universities require an adult to be present at camp with the team.  Other universities do not. If an adult is required, it will be stated on your information/scoop letter.  However, UDA always suggests that junior high teams and younger have an adult present with them.

Q- Where can I find out details about my camp, i.e. dorms, facilities, directions?

A- After you register for camp, you will receive an email to confirm that your registration has been correctly entered into our system.  You will also be directed to our REGISTRATION TRACKER.  The registration tracker will provide you with a printable copy of your invoice, schedule specifically for your camp type, checklists of what the dancers should bring to camp, medical release waivers, camp rules, etc..  Everything you need for your camp can be found by using our camp tracker.  Make sure you keep that confirmation email so that you will have your customer number. You will need this number in order to log-in and access your team's information!

Q- Do I mail my release and waiver forms in to your office or do I bring them with me to camp?

A- If you are attending an overnight, elite, or resort camp you will turn your release and waiver forms in when you arrive at check-in.  If you are having a home camp of any kind, you need to keep a copy of the medical release forms for yourself and also mail a copy to the national office.

Q-  What is the schedule like for camp?  What time does it exactly start and when is it over?

Sample camp schedules are available by clicking here.  You will receive a more detailed schedule with exact times and locations when you arrive at check-in.  If times change any, it will be very minimal. 

Q- Is my team required to wear matching outfits while at camp?

A- Your team is not required to wear matching camp outfits.  However, many teams choose to wear matching camp outfits because it makes them feel more like a team.  It could also help you to easily pick them out of a crowd.  To purchase camp clothes,
contact your Varsity Spirit Fashions Representative

Q- Do coaches/advisors receive any material at camp?

A- Yes! Each registered coach/advisor will recieve a tote bag, coach/advisor manual, routine notebook, and one set of UDA Summer Camp CD's. 

Q- Can I purchase an instructional DVD?

A- Yes! Our instructional DVD contains a several dances from our summer camp choreography.  Not every routine offered at summer camp is offered on the DVD.  The team routine is offered on the DVD.  To purchase the DVD, call 1-800-DANCEUDA and press the option for the spirit shop.

Q- Can individuals, who are not part of a team, attend your summer camps?

A- Yes! Individuals who are not a part of a team, are more than welcome to attend our summer camp.  However, it is important to note that many of our activities are team centered. 

Q- I have participants on my team that have severe food allergies.  What should I do and/or who should I contact?

A-  You will definitely want to list those allergies on the participant release and waiver form.  If the allergies are very severe, contact the
UDA National Office so that the University Relations Manager can be notified.

Q- What awards are offered at UDA Camp?

A-  At our overnight camps, the following awards are offered:  home routine placement trophies, superior trophies, team full-out award, team drill down trophy, team leadership award, 110% award, super spirit sticks, spirit sticks, UDA All-Americans, drill down queen, and coaches leadership award. 

Q- How can my team qualify at camp for the National Dance Team Championship?

A- Your team can qualify for the National Dance Team Championship in two different ways while at camp. Your team can qualify for nationals by either receiving a placement trophy for their home routine and/or receiving a superior trophy.  Please note that in order to qualify for NDTC, you must have at least 10 participants attend and participate in camp.  You cannot qualify by attending a home camp.

Q- I was awarded UDA All-American at camp, but I did not receive a medal or special event brochure.  What should I do?

A- If you filled out your contact information at camp after the awards ceremony, a medal and brochure will be coming to you soon.  If not,
click here to email your request.

Q- When and where are UDA Staff Auditions?

A- There are several UDA Staff Auditions throughout the country. They begin in the fall and run through the early spring. Check with your local UDA State Director to find out when auditions are being held in your area.

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