Dance Library

Running A Successful Dance Team Program  
Working with an Assistant Coach
Working with Your Athletic Director
Getting Involved in Your Community
10 Ways to Support Other Teams

Conducting Dance Team Try-outs Conducting a Post Try-out Parent Meeting
Selecting Judges for Your Try-outs Methods of Selecting Officers
Sample Try-out Scoresheet - Example 1 The 'Alternate' Point of View
Sample Try-out Scoresheet - Example 2 Preparing for College Dance Team Try-outs

Before You Choreograph Creating Visual Choreography
How To Effectively Clean Your Choreography Choreography Ideas for Games

Motivating Your Team  
Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals Avoiding Burnout
Keeping It Fun When a Dancer Quits
10 Team Bonding Ideas Dissolving Team Cliques
Everyone Loves a Sandwich  

Performances & Competition  
TIMELINE: Preparing for Performances TIMELINE: Preparing for Competitions
Morale on Competition Day Competition Etiquette
Learning from Your Performances  

Working with Parent Groups  
Communicating with Parents Working with a Booster Club
Running Effective Parent Meetings Conducting a Post Try-out Parent Meeting

Health & Wellness  
Conditioning Can Be FUN Staying Healthy During Your Season
Importance of Stretching Avoiding Common Dance Injuries
Food for Thought Identifying Unhealthy Behaviors





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