2014 Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade

All Youth, Junior High, and Junior Varsity All-Americans ONLY!

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November 25 - 28, 2014

Houston, Texas

Who gets to go:
All Youth (4th grade & older), Junior High, and Junior Varsity All-Americans in selected states
UCA All-Americans selected at camp in 2014
UDA All-Americans selected at camp in 2014
**This is an All-American event**

Uniform Measurement Guide

Registrations will be accepted as soon as you get your All-American brochure at camp.  Reminder, with each registration please enclose your $200.00 deposit.  Flight to Houston is not included in trip price.

Being selected as an All-American is a great privilege - So brag a little! 

Only 10% of each camp is selected as an All-American! To commemorate your All-American experience, get your All-American gear!

Want to get the word out to your local community that you'll be performing in a parade or a bowl game? Complete the press release template below with your information and send to your local newspaper! Houston Press Release
2009 Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade
Call Ginger Hauser at 800.238.0286 Ext. 4363 or email

Hope to see you in Houston for Thanksgiving!

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